STEAM ACADEMY – non-formal education

We're hiring EdTech robotics teachers in Dublin. No prior experience necessary, but a positive attitude and desire to learn are a must. Join our team and become the teacher you always wanted to have. Apply now!
Open positions

Our values

Problem solving
Mutual Trust

The benefits of joining us

Join us to become an inspiring EdTech robotics teacher in Dublin, no prior experience required. We value a positive attitude, desire to grow and ability to work with children. Training provided.
Teach kids in meaningful and inspiring way.
Competitive salary
Balance of work and personal life - we offer flexible work schedule!
An opportunity to move up the career ladder: from teacher to manager
Working with EdTech professionals

Open positions

Junior teacher 25€ / hour

Advanced teacher 32€ / hour

PRO teacher 40€ / hour

Work with selected age groups: from 6 to 12 years old
Prepare for lessons according to the provided material
Participate in training, which is organised several times a year
Conduct classes for children
Apply now
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